Team Alignment Plan

The Team Alignment Plan (TAP) helps members align their diverse soft skills with work they do or plan to do together. T..A.P. incorporates a backwards design model of planning using SMART goals. There are four simple steps. T.A.P. provides a good foundation for developing a robust Team Charter.



Team Charter

 “Team Charters help to define the purpose of the team, how it will work, and the expected outcomes. By creating a Team Charter, the team creates a “roadmap” at the beginning of its journey to ensure that everyone understands where they are headed, how they want to get there and what directions they need…What special training, knowledge or skills will team members’ need? What specialized skills are important, and which “soft” skills are essential, for what roles?” (

T.A.P. enables team members to address these crucial questions confident in their understanding of each other, in their diverse strengths and skills, and how they together will contribute to their project success.  Teams are now ready on their own to create a team charter imbued with spirit.

Team Charter Template

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