Multidimensional Thinking & Leadership

The Kaleidoscope Our world is increasingly interconnected, complex, and unpredictable. We also have access to more information, which itself is growing exponentially. The global challenges and opportunities we face today call for equally holistic responses. In this post, we will focus on multidimensional thinking, interdisciplinary approaches, and how serious games may enhance both. The Kaleidoscope is a perfect visual image …

Howard Esbin, PhDMultidimensional Thinking & Leadership

10 Key Soft Skills For Virtual Teams

The Prelude Suite™ provides a fast, powerful way for virtual teams to practice key soft skills essential for optimal collaboration and performance.

Howard Esbin, PhD10 Key Soft Skills For Virtual Teams

Visual Thinking: Another Look

“If I can’t picture it I can’t understand it” ~ Albert Einstein ~   The Indo-European root word for ‘vision’ is ‘weid’ “to know” as well as “to see.” We use our physical eyes to make sense of things. Newborn babies, for example, begin imprinting their mothers faces within the first few days of bonding. We also use our “mind’s …

Howard Esbin, PhDVisual Thinking: Another Look

From Plastic to Pixels, Hand Knowledge to High Touch: A Comparative Study of LEGO Serious Play™ & Prelude Suite™

OVERVIEW This Working Paper examines intriguing parallels between two complementary methodologies, LEGO Serious Play™ (LSP) and the Prelude Suite™ (Prelude). The former is employed with teams in traditional co-located environments. The latter is employed with remote distributed teams and/or hybrid teams. Both resources are compared in several areas. In most there is clear alignment in concepts and practice. The reason …

Howard Esbin, PhDFrom Plastic to Pixels, Hand Knowledge to High Touch: A Comparative Study of LEGO Serious Play™ & Prelude Suite™

On Virtual Team Training

Research and practical experience show that with training, workers can be more emotionally intelligent. Moreover, such training can yield positive results with only modest investments in time and capital (, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, May 29 2013). Problematically, less than 33% of companies provide a proper training framework for co-located employees. As well, less than 15% evaluate their training program effectiveness. This …

Howard Esbin, PhDOn Virtual Team Training

New Book On Leadership In Virtual Spaces

We’re delighted to share an important new publication from IGI Global which includes a chapter showcasing Prelude. IGI Global is an international publishing company specializing in high-quality research publications in the fields of computer science and information technology management. Its peer-reviewed content is offered to international researchers, librarians, and universities. Strategic Management & Leadership for Systems Development in Virtual Spaces Editor: …

Howard Esbin, PhDNew Book On Leadership In Virtual Spaces

Mapping The Virtual Team Ecosystem

OVERVIEW It’s been calculated 1.3 billion people work remotely today. That’s about 17% of the world’s total population of 7+bn people. By 2020, it’s projected that one-third or more of the world’s labor force will work remotely. In the USA alone there will likely be about 100m remote workers. Virtual teaming is being used in practically every sector. As John …

Howard Esbin, PhDMapping The Virtual Team Ecosystem

Virtual Teams: Bridging The Gap Between Expectation & Performance

THE DISCREPANCY The Human Capital Institute and Capella University recently co-presented a webinar “Virtually Not Forgotten: Effective Engagement Strategies for Remote Employees”. Some 300 U.S. companies participated in the initial survey. The response to two of the survey questions is revealing. (1) “What does your organization do to make sure its remote workers are engaged and productive?” (2) “If you …

Howard Esbin, PhDVirtual Teams: Bridging The Gap Between Expectation & Performance

Prelude to Design Thinking

Design Thinking (DT) appears to becoming more and more relevant to all kinds of organizations. While there may be specific specialist roles needed for a new team wanting to practice DT, we also wonder how to  foster a DT orientation with a pre-existing team of ‘generalists’. Prelude can help such generalist teams become more sensitized to DT principals and processes …

Howard Esbin, PhDPrelude to Design Thinking