Virtual Team Management: Key Skill For Global Managers

Global Mgt VT Skill
In 2012, the American Management Association released its “Third Annual Study of Challenges and Opportunities: Developing Successful Global Leaders”. This study was conducted in collaboration with the Institute for Corporate Productivity and Training magazine. It outlined thirteen Key Findings. These are concerned largely with global management competencies and skills.

For example, Key Finding 5: “When asked to identify the single most important focus of their global leadership development programs, high-performing companies clearly focus on interpersonal influence and coalition building as their top priority.”

Key 13

The last, Key Finding 13 concerns virtual team management skills: “62.8%…of respondents in a global study said managing virtual teams will be a vital future competency, but only 22.3% percent believed their managers had mastered the necessary skills required to manage virtual teams effectively… Survey respondents agreed that managing virtually in more matrixed organizations will be critical, along with being able to adapt to and managing… and innovating with colleagues… in a cross-cultural environment.

Howard Esbin, PhDVirtual Team Management: Key Skill For Global Managers