Software Teams: Soft Skills. Hard Facts.


In 2011 Marc Andreessen famously observed in a Wall Street Journal article, “software eats the world” This continues. In 2016, global IT spending was $3.7 trillion for hardware, software, IT services, and telecommunications. Enterprise software spending alone was $333bn. In 2017, this is expected to grow 7.2% to $357bn.

According to a recent global survey, there are approximately 18.5 million software developers. The majority, 85%, works together on teams of 15 members or less. Most teams have 5 or fewer members. This is attributed to the adoption of agile methodologies, which favor smaller teams.

There are 4.6bn people in the global workforce. About 20%, or 920 million people, work remotely. Let’s say that 20% of the global software developers also work remotely. This translates to 3.7 million professionals. By extension, the vast majority work on distributed software development project teams. It’s worth noting “97% of organizations believe project management is critical to business performance and organizational success” However, there’s a crucial gap between expectation and results.

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