Reaching Through the Screen

It is projected that 1.3 billion people will be working remotely on virtual teams by next year, 2015. This number is expected to grow another 20% by 2016. Some pundits believe that it’s necessary for virtual teams to meet “in the flesh” in order to be effective. But surely, that will not be possible for everyone. We know that developing friendships at work can add tremendous value to the emotional climate of an organization and hence its productivity as well as profitability*. We believe these same bonds of professional friendship can transcend the limits of physicality as well. We want to better understand how professionals working virtually who’ve never met physically (and who may never meet) might still develop deep abiding internet-based relationship based on mutual respect and trust**. We are therefore seeking examples of virtual professional relationships that are deep and abiding but where there has not been any physical meeting of participants.


Do you have an example you’d like to share?   Tell us your story. 

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Illustration by Claudia Octavia Neronis
** relationship

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