Shared Roots: MBTI & iStar


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The iStar self-assessment tool is a new web app that summarizes an individual’s inner assets holistically. These are featured in an iStar Badge. This is easily understood by youth and adults alike cross culturally. Self-knowledge as well as understanding how others think and communicate is essential to effective teamwork. The iStar self-assessment tool is used in talent management, virtual team training, education, and counselling among other applications. This brief article examines the iStar process as well as its shared roots with the Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator.

The Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator and the iStar share deep roots. Both self-assessment tools are informed, in spirit and design, by an ancient but still vital current of thought and practice. It’s called “the four-fold model of personality” and was first developed 5000 years ago. This model correlates the elements with corresponding human character trait: Fire – Choleric, Air – Sanguine, Water – Melancholic, and Earth – Phlegmatic. This is why an MBTI Report and an iStar Report offer comparable insights. For an example, please see below a comparison of both reports generated by the same person at different times.


Ancient Character Trait

Myers Briggs Typology
Air Sanguine ISTP, ISFP
Earth Melancholic ISTJ, ISFJ
Fire Choleric INTJ, INTP
Water Phlegmatic INFJ, INFP

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Howard Esbin, PhDShared Roots: MBTI & iStar