Facilitation Training & Certification

“Many programs talk about collaboration. Prelude actually teaches people how to collaborate. That’s the true beauty of the product.”

 R. C., MBA, PMP, Scrum Master

The Prelude training and certification is offered in a compact online course involving theory and practice. This consists of three modules of two hours each delivered over three weeks. An annual re-certification process enables Facilitators to benefit from the latest research, promotional activity, and new resource enhancements.

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Master Prelude Trainer / Australia & Region

Korrine Jones, Director & Principal Consultant – OD Consulting


Korrine specializes in optimising the performance and productivity of virtual teams. This includes years experience in providing training and consultancy services in the areas of leadership development, team development and change management for a wide range of client organisations.

Certified Prelude Facilitators

Christina Levinson, Director and Principal Consultant – iConnect Consulting


Christina has extensive experience and qualifications as an organisational development coach, facilitator, trainer, and change agent. Professional business solutions and services to laboratories in the public and private sectors. Christina is also the Lean Construction Institute Australia (LCIA) State Council Member for Queensland. Designs, implements, and evaluates strategies to support individuals; teams and organisations exceed their goals.


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