The Prelude Suite™ empowers virtual team performance by accelerating trust.

Learn how virtual strangers can jell as a team from the start!

An ideal resource for those working with and on virtual teams including Project Managers, Team Leads, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Facilitators, Consultants, Trainers, Online Instructors,  and Educators.


A trained facilitator guides virtual teammates through 3 Steps, during which they exercise 10 Soft Skills, and apply 20 Best Practices in one compact transformative process. This involves Self-Assessment, Self-Expression, Co-Creation, and Dialogue. As teammates become attuned to each other, cognitively and emotionally, their trust naturally grows. Trust is the key to Star Performance.





  • Positive insights about self and others
  • Better grasp  of team’s overall diverse strengths & assets
  • Appreciate combined creative power
  • More positive,  conscious team mental model
  • More positive team emotional climate
  • Strengthened team trust
  • Reduces causes for typical interpersonal conflict



Lack of Practice Time: A band prepares for a major concert by practicing. Band members tune-in and tune-up to achieve a harmonious sound together. They know their best performance depends on it. Professional sports teams also practice for peak performance. Like their musical and athletic counterparts, Project Teams are expected to perform optimally on demand as well.

  • 80% of virtual teams receive no training time

Hard Cost of Disharmony:  In the U.S.A. alone $359 billion in paid hours are spent by employees in conflict. That’s about 3 hours weekly per employee. The main cause is lack of team soft skills practice prior to the Storming Stage. This is not just an intra-team challenge. Disharmony amplifies.

  • 81% of employees are in conflict with other teams and departments

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