3 Steps to Better Performance

The Prelude Suite™ is a fast, fun, safe way for virtual team members to grow from “Me” to “We”.

Play Prelude: 1. Tune-Up
Play Prelude: 2. Practice
Play Prelude: 3. Bridge
Play Prelude: Requirements


Teams complete a unique self-assessment called iStar™. This generates a holistic positive self-portrait and a digital badge. Participants share their iStar Stories™ to build new awareness and understanding of their team’s diversity and complementary shared strengths.


Teams co-create personal symbols of excellence. These digital artifacts have aspirational value throughout the team’s life and beyond. Together, teams practice key soft skills essential to effectiveness.


The Team Alignment Plan™ enables teammates to quickly, easily bridge their lessons learned and soft skills identified with their practical work vis-à-vis goals, tasks, and deliverables. Leads to robust Team Charter.


  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Greater appreciation of diversity
  • Strengthened trust
  • Enhanced team spirit
  • More positive emotional climate
  • Reduced triggers of interpersonal conflict


Time: Three 2 hour modules. Flexible scheduling depending on team size.

Tech & VOIP: High speed Internet connection, video, headphones & mic. Works across devices (phone screen too small) and platforms (Lync, Hangouts, Skype, WebEx, Zoom, etc.)

“Prelude is a trust accelerator. It revealed assets in our team previously hidden.”


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